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2018 Bring a Friend to Dance Week

Charleston Dance Center is welcoming friends of our dancers to join us September 24-27, 2018. There is no cost for a friend to attend.
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Just Dance! Heads to The Dance Awards 2018!

The Dance Awards is one of the largest and most prestigious national dance events with more than 1,700 dances competing.
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Newest Dancers En Pointe

Going en pointe is a huge milestone that is very hard to achieve and can only be done through dedication to ballet technique.
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2018 Award Winners and Dancers of the Year

Dancer of the Year, Director's Choice, 110% Award and Most Improved. Congratulations dancers!
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Class of 2018: Favorite Costumes

The Just Dance! Class of 2018 has worn their fair share of costumes and some will always hold a special place in their hearts.
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Advice from the Just Dance! Class of 2018

Here's what the Just Dance! Class of 2018 wants you to know.
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Krystal Quick: Why I Love Competition Dance

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These girls allow Hayden to experience what it means to have a sister -someone that understands you, cares for you, and always has your back and best interest at heart.
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Favorite Dance Memory: Class of 2018

"Good times come and go, but memories last forever."
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Most Embarrassing Moments: Just Dance! Class of 2018

When you’ve been dancing the majority of your life, there around bound to be some mishaps along the way.
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Just Dance! Results: Legacy Dance Championships

Just Dance! soloists and trios had a great weekend at Legacy Dance Championships in Charleston with six first place overall finishes! Plus, Just Dance! minis earned a sportsmanship award.