3 Just Dancers Win National Titles

Just Dance! Company members earned national titles in three of the four female categories at Kids Artistic Revue (KAR) Nationals 2016 in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

See the results.

national-solo-title-winners-2016“We were blown away to win in three divisions out of four!” Just Dance! Co-directors Buffi Wade and Lindsey Gentry exclaim. “These dancers work so hard. We watched them work harder and harder and harder after regionals so they could be in this position at nationals.”

Maggie Bednarczyk was named Miss Petite Dance with her contemporary solo “Schindler’s List.”

According to Ms. Buffi and Ms. Lindsey, “Maggie performed an intense contemporary routine. She danced very maturely and has incredible strength at a young age.”

Lana Baird was named Miss Junior Dance with her contemporary solo “I’m Listening.”

Ms. Lindsey was backstage for Lana’s performance and said she watched the director of KAR Nationals stop what he was doing to watch Lana dance. After the dance, he stopped Lana and told her that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her while she was dancing – that he felt compelled to stop what he was doing to watch.

“That was an incredible moment.”

Jade Boerman was named Miss Teen Dance with her contemporary solo “Biafra.”

“This was Jade’s first solo! To earn a national title in your very first solo is an incredible achievement,” Ms. Buffi and Ms. Lindsey say. “You remember Jade’s solo after seeing it – she has contortionist-like moves that set her apart from other dancers.”

Just Dance! was also honored when Leilah Baird was named 5th Runner Up Miss Junior Dance and Gracen Nelson was named 3rd Runner Up Miss Dance.

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