Ballet Evaluations: Spring 2017

Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance, so proper ballet technique and etiquette is very important for Charleston Dance Center students.

Starting in spring 2017, all Just Dance! company members will be evaluated annually to determine knowledge and growth. This evaluation may impact the dancer’s placement in classes for the upcoming year.

Parents of dancers in Ballet I-IV at Charleston Dance Center can request a ballet evaluation by contacting the studio.

“Ballet evaluations are important to both the dancers and their teachers because it opens a line of communication concerning the dancer’s progress,” explains Ms. Andrea, CDC ballet mistress. “It helps both dancers and parents understand why dancers are at the class levels that the teachers have placed them. It is also a great way for dancers to really see where they are and their potential to grow.”

The evaluation will include a scored evaluation by the teacher and a written test to be taken in the studio on both ballet vocabulary and positioning.

The scored evaluation has two components: technique and etiquette. The technique section includes turn out, use of center, how arms are held, hip alignment and more. The etiquette section includes hair, clothing, timeliness, ability to memorize combos, respect for teacher and peers and more.

The written test will evaluate the student’s knowledge of ballet positions as well as comprehension of ballet vocabulary.

“All Charleston Dance Center students should be able to enter any studio in the country and display proper technique and ballet knowledge,” Mrs. Andrea explains. “We teach these important skills even in our youngest ballet classes.”

Evaluations will be shared with parents and students when complete and a private meeting with the teacher may be requested.