Class of 2018: Favorite Costumes

The Just Dance! Class of 2018 has worn their fair share of costumes and some will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Abby: I’ve always loved the costume for my first trio with Macy and Gracen, “Blinding.” The costume was really pretty, but I think I loved it so much because I was so excited to learn a trio from Ms. Lindsey that I got to perform with my best friends!

Hallyn: My favorite Just Dance! costume was “Benediction” because I love the pants.

Hollis: My favorite costume was the “Isaac” dress because it’s a beautiful costume and I can wear it out (which I’ve done a lot).

Glynn: My favorite costumes would have to be either the “Heads Will Roll” costume that we also used later on for a small group, or my very first solo costume. The “Heads Will Roll” costume was just so fancy and not gonna lie if it still fit me, I’d definitely still be wearing it around today. My first solo costume is so sentimental and I remember being so excited picking it up and getting ready to compete in it for the very first time. Not to mention that Ms. Lindsey rhinestoned the whole thing so obviously it’s very special

Alden: My solo costume for “Life of the Party!” That blue-jeweled-feather fantasy was iconic, in my opinion, and even though it stained my armpits blue, that costume will forever be my favorite!