Congratulations to Our Newest Dancers En Pointe

An invitation to dance en Pointe is what every ballerina strives for.

Pointe smallThe following Charleston Dance Center students have just been invited en Pointe:

Sullivan Turner
Grace Martin
Presley Cuajunco
Kiley Hallen
Taylor Mastrosimone
Hope Gregg


The following dancers are new to pointe for the 2016-17 year:

Addison Adams
Leilah Baird
Sierra Coleman
Madison Falta
Madelyn Hall
Anya Hutchins
Ashley Limehouse
Payton Luckie
Hannah Postell
Jaida Schultz

“All of these ladies have shown strong commitment through out the season,” explains Ms. Andrea, Charleston Dance Center ballet mistress. “I am so proud of how much each and every one of them has grown this year. They have all worked very hard on their technique and strength and are ready to move up in the ballet arena. We still have a lot of work to do but I have faith in each of them and know they are committed and will persevere.”

An invitation to pointe must come from the ballet teacher – there is a risk of serious injury in introducing a student to pointe too soon. It’s more than just a dancer’s age or physical maturity (though most dancers are ready between the ages of 10-12). The teacher makes a judgment based on strength, technique, attitude, and commitment.

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