Earn FREE Tuition at Charleston Dance Center!

It’s time for the annual ad contest for the Year-End Performance Program!

IMPORTANT DATES: Ad deadline is April 15, 2018. Year-End Performance is Saturday, June 23, 2018

More information about the Year End Performance.

Every season, we produce a Year End Performance Program that includes our show line up, class pictures of every group dancing in our show, advertisements from businesses, personal ads to congratulate your dancer, and much more!  Our book is not your typical program, and is regarded as more of a yearbook.  It is a great memorabilia item to help dancers remember their time spent at Charleston Dance Center.  Ask at the front desk to see a copy of a previous year’s book.

The person who sells the most ads will receive free tuition* for the 2018-2019 dance season.  Second place will receive 1/2 off tuition, and  third place will receive 1/3 off their tuition.
*A minimum amount of ads must be sold in order to redeem these prizes.  Please refer to our Program Ad Guideline for more detailed information.

Our 2017 ad contest winners were: Lorelei Lingle (1st place), Kali Westall (2nd place) and Presley Cuajunco (3rd place).

Our 2016 ad contest winners were: Sullivan Turner (1st place), Lorelei Lingle (2nd place) and Olivia Whetzel (3rd place).

If your business would like to purchase an ad in the Year-End Program, please reach out to a Charleston Dance Center student or contact us. It is an excellent opportunity to reach parents and grandparents in the Charleston area.

Photo credit: Instagram user @carolinesmith1160