Just Dance! at Revive Dance Convention

Just Dance! Company loved participating in Revive Dance Convention Charleston! It was incredible to see our dancers perform again!

“Internal Connection of Thoughts” was recognized as the top 12&under contemporary dance, “Dead Hearts” was recognized for technique, and “Blessed” was recognized as a revue favorite.

Raelyn LaCavera was the Mini Honored Dancer Winner and Caitlyn Hall was the Senior Honored Dancer Winner.

Jaimi Ingram (mini) and Blakely Thrasher (teen) earned single city scholarships.

The following dancers were Honored Dancer nominees:

Mini: Kensley LaCavera, Blais Lingle, Brooklyn Cate Rea, Hayden Quick, Caitlyn Burns

Junior: Lorelei Lingle, Berkley Segars

Teen: Addison Adams, Kassy Ladson, Maggie Bednarczyk, Sierra Coleman

Senior: Justice Wooden, Lana Baird, Peyton Luckie, Savannah Rose

Top Score Groups:

Sparks Small Group: Open (1st)

Mini Small Group: Mother (1st)

Mini Large Group: An Ending, A Beginning (1st), C’Est Si Bon (2nd)

Junior Small Group: Internal Connection of Thoughts (1st)

Junior Large Group: All As One On Behalf of the Infinite (1st)

Teen Small Group: Bygone (2nd)

Teen Large Group: Over You (1st), Drop (2nd)

Teen Line: Rouge (3rd)

Senior Small Group: Blessed (1st), Dead Hearts (2nd)

Top Score Duos/Trios:

Mini: Escapism (2nd), Obrecht (6th)

Teen: Someone You Loved (1st)

Senior: Lost it to Trying (1st), Tangled in Thought 2nd)

Top Score Solos:

Sparks: Jaimi Ingram (6th)

Mini: Hayden Quick (1st), Blais Lingle (4th), Raelyn LaCavera (5th), Kensley LaCavera (9th)

Junior: Lorelei Lingle (5th)

Teen: Maggie Bednarczyk (1st), Addison Adams (7th)

Senior: Savannah Rose (2nd), Justice Wooden (3rd), Lana Baird (5th), Caitlyn Hall (6th)

Photo credit: Revive Dance Convention