Just Dance! Results: Groove Competition 2018

It was the very first competition for many Just Dance! mini mini team members and some soloists who competed at Groove Dance Competition Charleston. The mini mini team brought it home with a first overall!

Congratulations to Grace Martin and Addison Adams for earning convention scholarship! Grace Martin received a Judges Choice “Cirque Bound” award for her solo, “Unveiled.”

Here are the results:

Top Score Groups:

Novice Mini Small Group: “Shake” (1st overall)

Top Score Duos/Trios:

Intermediate Mini: “November” (1st overall)

Intermediate Junior: “Far and Wide” (1st overall)

Solos blogTop Score Solos:

Novice Mini: Hayden Quick, “Let Me Entertain You” (3rd overall); Brooklyn Cate Rea, “Dimples” (1st in musical theater category)

Intermediate Mini: Raelyn LaCavera, “Fairy Tale” (1st overall)

Competitive Petite: Berkley Segars, “The Opening” (1st overall); Camryn Vereen, “Shake Up the Party” (5th overall)

Novice Junior: Blakely Thrasher, “Hit The Road Jack” (6th overall)

Intermediate Junior: Taylor Mastrosimone, “The Wait” (6th overall)

Competitive Junior: Grace Martin, “Unveiled” (1st overall); Addison Adams, “Howl” (2nd overall); Sullivan Turner, “Andras” (6th overall); Sierra Coleman, “Brave” (9th overall)