Just Dance! Results from Jump Greenville 2017

JUMP Dance Convention kicks off the 2018 Just Dance! season. It is the first of four Break The Floor events that Just Dancers will attend in preparation for The Dance Awards in July 2018.

All Just Dance! company members are taking convention classes at the event and select solos, trios and groups are performing. Many of our soloists learned brand new solos over the past few weeks to compete at this event.

Just Dance! Convention Scholarships:

V.I.P. Scholarship Finalists

Mini: Faith Tranchida

Junior: Madelyn Hall and Leilah Baird

Teen: Caitlyn Hall, Lana Baird, Katie Fulmer and Payton Luckie

Senior: Alden King and Abby Haynes

Class Scholarship Recipients:

Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical: Addison Adams, Jade Boerman, Glynn King, Raelyn LaCavera, Merritt LeHew

Hip Hop: Hope Gregg

Ballroom: Jenna Huster, Brynna Newell, Camryn Vereen

Just Dance! Results:

Top Score Groups

Junior: “Spine” (3rd overall)

Senior: “Goodbye” (2nd overall and Best of Jump), “Passacaglia” (3rd and Best of Jump)

Top Score Duos/Trios

Junior: “Reminisce” (1st overall)

Teen: “Europe After the Rain” (1st overall)

Senior: “In Snow” (2nd overall)

seniorsTop Score Solos

Junior: Madelyn Hall, “In Roses” (1st overall and You Rocked Jump), Addison Adams (10th overall)

Teen: Lana Baird (4th overall), Caitlyn Hall (8th overall), Katie Fulmer (10th overall)

Senior: Abby Haynes “Flight” (2nd overall), Jade Boerman (3rd overall), Alden King, “Tears” (4th overall), Glynn King “I Want” (6th overall)