Just Dance! Results: KAR Charleston Regional

Just Dance! had an incredible weekend at Kids Artistic Revue (KAR) Charleston regionals from April 20-22, 2018 at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center.

“Benediction,” our elite large group, was IDA (Industry Dance Award) People’s Choice Winner. According to the judges, this dance best represents the entire competition with exceptional talent, choreography and showmanship. “Benediction” is nominated for KAR’s video of the week. Please go online and vote!

“Freheit” was the highest scoring lyrical/contemporary dance and “The Chalice” was the highest scoring ballet dance.

Congratulations to Leilah Baird, Blakely Thrasher, “Benediction,” “This Joint is Jumpin’, “The Chalice,” and “Compeer” for being New York City All-Stars. They can take classes at Broadway Dance Center, attend a meet and greet with Rockettes and see two Broadway shows with backstage passes.

Congratulations to Lana Baird and “Attention” for being Hollywood Dance All-Stars. They get to model 2019 KAR merchandise, meet and greet with a casting agent and attend classes.


Secondary: “Thataway,” 2nd overall

Top Score Large Groups/Lines:

Secondary: “This Joint is Jumpin,'” 2nd overall; “At the Parlor,” Judge’s Choice Milkshake Madness

KAR Blog 1

Intermediate: “Ascent,” 1st overall; “Attention,” 2nd overall; “Exhumed,” 3rd overall

Elite: “Benediction,” 1st overall, Judge’s Choice Most Entertaining

Top Score Small Groups:

Novice Age 5-6: “Shake,” 1st overall, Judge’s Choice Strut Your Stuff Award and Best Costume

Secondary Age 9-11: “When We Were Queens,” 2nd overall and Judge’s Choice Excellent Execution

Intermediate Age 12-14: “Avalanche,” 1st overall and invitation to Australia; “Compeer,” 7th overall

Elite 15-19: “Freheit,” 1st overall; “Alaskans,” 3rd overall

Top Score Duos/Trios:

Primary 8 & Under: “November,” 2nd overall

Secondary 9-11: “Far & Wide,” 1st overall and Pulse Scholarship

Intermediate 12-14: “To the Order of the Night,” 1st overall, Pulse gift card and invitation to Australia

Elite 15-18: “Holocene,” 2nd overall

Top Score Solos:

Primary 8 & Under: “The Opening,” Berkley Segars (1st overall, Ms. Mini Dance Title Winner), “Fairy Tale,” Raelyn LaCavera (2nd overall), “Out to Sea,” Harper Newell (6th overall, Ms. Mini Dance 4th runner up), “Shake Up the Party,” Camryn Vereen (9th overall, Ms. Mini Dance 9th runner up).

Secondary 9-11: “The Bridge Of Stars,” Maggie Bednarczyk (1st overall, Pulse Scholarship, Ms. Junior Dance Title Winner); “Unveiled,” Grace Martin (2nd overall, Ms. Junior Dance 1st runner up); “Truth,” Faith Tranchida (7th overall, Ms. Junior Dance 4th runner up); “The Wait,” Taylor Mastrosimone (Ms. Junior Dance 7th runner up)

KARIntermediate 12-14: “Luminous,” Lana Baird (1st overall); “If I Be Wrong,” Caitlyn Hall (3rd overall); “Howl,” Addison Adams (5th overall, Ms. Teen Dance 3rd runner up); “They’re Not Waving,” Leilah Baird (9th overall, Ms. Teen Dance 6th runner up); “Andras,” Sullivan Turner (12th overall); “Witness,” Payton Luckie (13th overall)

Elite 15-18: “Flight,” Abby Haynes )2nd overall); “End,” Hallyn White (3rd overall); “Clean,” Gracen Nelson (4th overall); “Experience,” Jade Boerman (6th overall); “I Want,” Glynn King (7th overall); “Tears,” Alden King (9th overall)