Just Dance! Results from KAR Jacksonville Regionals

Just Dance! traveled to Jacksonville, Fla. to compete in Kids Artistic Revue Jacksonville Regionals. We were named the top secondary studio AND the top elite studio – such an honor!

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“We’ve had so many last-minute changes to dances and our dancers are so quick to adjust,” Ms. Lindsey says. “We love that they know how to roll with it and make it work by being smart dancers. We’re so proud of them!”

In addition to the awards below, Just Dance! senior company member Macy Roberts earned a scholarship to convention and junior company member Dailyn Strock was named Most Photogenic.

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Top Score Groups

Conga Silly Small

Novice large group: “Saving the Day” (1st)

Primary 8 & under small group: “Enter One” (1st) and Judge’s Choice Strength and Soul

Primary 8 & under large group: “I Hate Boys” (1st) and Judge’s Choice Fierce

Secondary small group: “Spine” (1st), highest score in category, New York dance experience

Secondary large group: “Candyman” (1st)

Intermediate small group: “Somebody” (1st), highest score in category and New York dance experience

Intermediate large group: “New Jerusalem,” (1st), “Misdemeanor” (2nd), “Passacaglia” (3rd), All-Star Award Winner

Elite small group: “Smoke” (2nd), “Goodbye” (3rd)

Elite large group: “For Lovers” (1st), elite video of the week, outstanding performance (free scholarship for in-house convention), Judge’s Choice Most Entertaining

Superline: “Conga” (2nd)

Top Score Duos/Trios

Primary 8 & under: “Shake the Room,” (2nd) top scoring jazz trio, “Smile” (4th)

Secondary age 9-11: “Reminisce” (1st), “Wrecking Ball” (2nd) and New York experience invite, “Hero” (5th)

Intermediate age 12-14: “Europe After the Rain” (2nd)

Elite age 15-19: “In Snow” (1st), “Same Mistakes” (2nd) and New York dance experience invite

Top Score Solos

Primary age 8 & under: “It’s All About Me,” Juliana Schultz (8th) and Miss Petite 3rd runner up, “Castle on a Cloud,” Raelyn LaCaverra (highest score in category) and Miss Petite 5th runner up

Secondary age 9-11: “In Roses,” Madelyn Hall (2nd) and highest score in category, “Le Moulin,” Grace Martin (4th) and highest score in category and Miss Junior Dance 4th runner up, “For Now,” Maggie Bednarczyk (6th) and highest score in category and Miss Junior Dance first runner up, “Wintersong,” Leilah Baird (10th) and Miss Junior Dance 8th runner up, “Winter,” Addison Adams (12th) and Miss Junior Dance 6th runner up, “I Am A Good Girl,” Presley Cuajunco top score in category, “Can’t Turn You Loose,” Dailyn Strock Miss Junior Dance 12th runner up, “This Place Is A Shelter,” Emma Chastain Miss Petite Dance 13th runner up, “The Light,” Sullivan Turner Miss Junior Dance 14th runner up, “Show Girls,” Nevaeh Middleton New York experience invite

Intermediate age 12-14: “My Restless Heart,” Alex Simpson (1st), highest score in category, “Landslide,” Lana Baird (3rd) highest score in category and Miss Teen Dance first runner up, “Gone,” Caitlyn Hall (5th), “Lift Me Up,” Payton Luckie (10th) and Miss Teen Dance 5th runner up

Elite age 15-18: “Clean,” Gracen Nelson (1st) and highest score in category, “I Know You Care,” Glynn King (3rd) and highest score in category, “Same Mistakes,” Alden King (6th), “She Remembers,” Jade Boerman (7th) and New York dance experience invite, “Winter,” Macy Roberts (8th) and Miss Dance third runner up, “Twins,” Abby Haynes (10th)