Just Dance! Results: Legacy Dance Championships

Just Dance! soloists and trios had a great weekend at Legacy Dance Championships in Charleston with six first place overall finishes! Plus, Just Dance! minis earned a sportsmanship award.

Addison Adams earned an Artists Simply Human scholarship. Maggie Bednarczyk and Payton Luckie earned scholarships for the summer Hollywood tour and Payton also earned a national invitation.

Top Score Duos/Trios

Mini Competitive: “November,” 1st overall

Petite Advanced: “Far & Wide,” 1st overall

Top Score Solos

LegacyMini Novice: “Let Me Entertain You,” Hayden Quick (1st overall); “Dimples,” Brooklyn Cate (5th overall and Cutie Patootie Award)

Mini Competitive: “Out to Sea,” Harper Newell (1st overall and Mini Miss Legacy first runner up); “Let the Light Come In,” Emma Amman

Petite Advanced: “Truth,” Faith Tranchida (1st overall and Petite Miss Legacy winner); “The Opening,” Berkley Segars (2nd overall and second runner up Petite Miss Legacy); “Gone,” Brynna Newell (4th overall); “Cover Girl Smile,” Camryn Vereen (5th overall)

Junior Advanced: “The Bridge of Stars,” Maggie Bednarczyk (1st overall and Junior Miss Legacy winner); “Howl,” Addison Adams (3rd overall and Miss Legacy first runner up); “The Wait,” Taylor Mastrosimone (6th overall)

Teen Advanced: “Witness,” Payton Luckie (4th overall and Teen Miss Legacy second runner up)