Just Dance! Company attended New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA) regionals in Greenville, N.C. The competition at this event is notoriously fierce and we are so proud of our dancer’s performances!

One of our favorite parts about NYCDA are the opportunities that dancers have to continue their training outside the convention circuit. Senior company members Lana Baird and Caitlyn Hall earned automatic acceptance to NYCDA’s Winter Dance Intensive in New York City. Caitlyn and Justice Wooden also earned scholarships to Summer Study NYC, a four-week contemporary and theatre dance intensive. Savannah Rose earned a full scholarship to the Steps on Broadway Summer Intensive and Just Dance! mini company members Raelyn LaCavera and Blais Lingle earned scholarships to the Youth Summer Intensive at Steps. Blais was also selected as the ballet Rising Star by Kenny Easter.

Through an audition process, the best dancers are honored as Outstanding Dancers. Just Dancers Berkley Segars, Peyton Pental, and Hayden Quick were named runners up and Brooklyn Cate Rea, Kensley LaCavera, Caitlyn Burn, Olivia Whetzel, Addison Adams, and Leilah Baird were finalists. Many Just Dancers already earned Outstanding Dancers honors when they attended NYCDA Nashville regionals in January.

We are so honored to have earned several Critic’s Choice Awards. These are the judge’s consensus of the three to four best dances at this regional event in each age group, not based on score, but on overall impression and impact. Congratulations to Open (mini), Internal Connection of Thought (junior), and Blessed (senior).

Top Score Groups

Mini Duo/Trio: Escapism (3rd overall), Obretch (8th overall)

Mini Group: Open (1st overall, 1st contemporary), Mother (5th overall, 3rd contemporary, Critic’s Choice nominee), C’est Si Bon (5th jazz, Critic’s Choice nominee)

Mini Line: An Ending, a Beginning (5th line)

Junior Group: Internal Connection of Thoughts (3rd overall, 1st contemporary)

Junior Line: All as One on Behalf of the Infinite (3rd overall, 3rd contemporary)

Teen Duo/Trio: Someone You Loved (3rd overall)

Teen Group: Byegone (5th overall, 8th contemporary), Drop (4th open)

Teen Line: Rouge (1st extended line, 4th jazz, Critic’s Choice nominee), Over You (7th overall, 6th contemporary)

Senior Duo/Trio: Tangled in Thought (2nd overall), Lost it to Trying (4th overall)

Senior Group: Blessed (3rd overall, 1st open), Dead Hearts (4th overall, 2nd contemporary)

Top Score Solos

Mini: Raelyn LaCavera (4th), Hayden Quick (6th), Brooklyn Cate Rea (15th)

Junior: Lorelei Lingle (10th)

Teen: Addison Adams (10th), Sierra Coleman (24th)

Senior: Justice Wooden (7th), Caitlyn Hall (8th), Savannah Rose (12th)