Many Just Dance! company members attended New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA) regionals in Nashville from January 29-31, 2021. All Just Dance! company members will attend the NYCDA Greenville, N.C. regionals in April and many dancers will also attend an NYCDA Nationals event.

All Just Dance! soloists received a platinum score – the highest possible.

Savannah Rose earned a Faculty Rising Star scholarship from Ali Dietz (tap) and a $500 scholarship to Summer Study NYC at Steps on Broadway. Justice Wooden earned a $2,000 scholarship to the Conservatory at Steps on Broadway and a ballet class scholarship. Lana Baird earned a ballet class scholarship.

The following dancers are Outstanding Dancers:

Winners: Blais Lingle (mini), Raelyn LaCavera (mini)

Runners up: Lorelei Lingle (junior), Justice Wooden (senior), Lana Baird (senior), Savannah Rose (senior), Caitlyn Hall (senior)

Finalists: Olivia Whetzel (junior)

The following dancers earned class scholarships:

Ballet: Lana Baird (senior), Justice Wooden (senior)

Here are high score solos:

Mini: Blais Lingle (5th), Raelyn LaCavera (6th)

Junior: Lorelei Lingle (5th), Berkley Segars (14th)

Teen: Leilah Baird (11th), Addison Adams (22nd)

Senior: Lana Baird (1st), Savannah Rose (5th), Caitlyn Hall (7th), Justice Wooden (8th)

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