Just Dance! Results: Starpower Jacksonville 2019

Starpower National Talent Competition in Jacksonville, Fla. is the final regional competition of the 2019 Just Dance! season. It is the first time in several years that Just Dance! has attended a Starpower event. In July, all Just Dance! companies will travel to Myrtle Beach for Starpower Nationals.

Dead Hearts, our senior small group, was the highest scoring dance of the entire event. We’ll Take Care of Ourselves, our teen small group, was the highest scoring dance in the age category.

Braid, choreographed by Lindsey Gentry, was recognized for outstanding choreography.

Upgrade U was recognized as the most entertaining 12 & older dance.

The following dancers earned Power Pak invites: Raelyn LaCavera (scholarship), Maggie Bednarczyk, Berkley Segars, Lana Baird, Leliah Baird, Addison Adams (scholarship), Grace Martin, Caitlyn Hall, Justice Wooden, Jade Boerman, Gracen Nelson. Only invited dancers are able to participate in Power Pak, which coincides with Starpower Championships in Orlando and Ocean City, Md.

The following dancers earned scholarships to Start Dance Alliance events: Maggie Bednarczyk, Lana Baird and Justice Wooden (World Dance Pageant); Berkley Segars (Wild Intensive full scholarship)

Petite Miss Starpower: Raelyn LaCavera; Caitlyn Burns (first runner up); Brooklyn Rea (second runner up)

Junior Miss Starpower: Maggie Bednarczyk (first runner up); Caroline Harkins (second runner up)

Teen Miss Starpower: Lana Baird; Dailyn Strock (first runner up); Sullivan Turner (second runner up)

Senior Mr. Starpower: Justice Wooden

Photogenic: Caitlyn Burn (11&U), Dailyn Strock (12&Up, 3rd place)

Best Costume 11&U Solos: Caroline Harkins (1st); Caitlyn Burn (2nd); Brooklyn Cate Rea (3rd)

Best Costume 12& Up Solos: Dailyn Strock (1st); Sullivan Turner (2nd)

Here are Just Dance! competition results:

Judges Choice:

Rays of Light: The Lake

Glowing with Grace: Jade Boerman

Entertainment Plus: Upgrade U

Top Score Groups:

Petite Novice Large Group: Arabian Nights (2nd and Golden Ticket)

Petite Advanced Small Group: The Lake (1st)

Petite Advanced Large Group: Jet Set (1st and Golden Ticket)

Junior Advanced Small Group: Braid (1st)

Junior Advanced Large Group: Bye (1st and Golden Ticket); From Afar (2nd)

Junior Advanced Line: Rich Girls (3rd)

Teen Advanced Small Group: We’ll Take Care of Ourselves (1st and Golden Ticket)

Senior Advanced Small Group: Dead Hearts (1st and Golden Ticket)

Senior Advanced Large Group: Hurt (1st); Upgrade U (2nd)

Top Score Duo/Trios:

Petite Advanced: Lace Veil (2nd)

Teen Advanced: 4 Degrees (1st)

Senior Advanced: In Separation (1st)

Top Score Solos:

Petite Advanced: Raelyn LaCavera (1st); Lawson Walasek (2nd); Hayden Quick (3rd); Caitlyn Burns (5th); Brooklyn Cate Rae (7th); Sullivan Wood (8th)

Junior Advanced: Maggie Bednarczyk (1st); Berkley Segars (3rd); Lorelei Lingle (4th); Jenna Huser (8th)

Teen Advanced: Lana Baird (1st); Leilah Baird (2nd); Addison Adams (3rd); Grace Martin (7th)

Senior Advanced: Justice Wooden (1st); Gracen Nelson (3rd); Caitlyn Hall (4th); Jade Boerman (5th)