Just Dancers are in New York City Attending NYCDA Nationals

Eight Just Dance! company members are in New York City at NYCDA Nationals where they are auditioning for “Cats” and college scholarships, learning about the dance industry from top dancers and competing. See the schedule.

Senior company Just Dancers: Lana Baird, Leilah Baird, Addison Adams, Justice Wooden

Junior company Just Dancers: Dailyn Strock, Sierra Coleman, Maggie Bednarczyk

Petite company Just Dancer: Berkley Segars

Lana and Leilah have participated in Nationals for several years, but for all other dancers this is their first time. “They are loving the experience and they have said it is a very welcoming environment and it makes it a little less stressful and more fun,” explains Ms. Lindsey.

The schedule for the week is jam-packed with workshops, competition and Outstanding Dancer rehearsals. Lana, Leilah, Justice, Maggie and Berkley are participating in the Outstanding Dancer Experience which means that they were named Outstanding Dancer at a NYCDA regional competition. This week, in New York, they are learning choreography for the opening number of the Gala and are participating in additional scholarship auditions as well as competing an additional solo. All of their scores will be combined and the National Outstanding Dancers scholarships will be announced at the Gala.

NYCDA brings in top professional dancers to teach workshops and host auditions. The Senior Outstanding Dancer Ballet audition was taught by Sascha Radetsky from ABT. The Junior Outstanding Jazz audition was taught by Broadway’s Mark Myars.

All of the dancers are competing their solos, along with two group dances: “Braid” and “4 Degrees.” Justice was 21st out of all senior soloists.

The dancers are also taking advantage of their free time to shop in the heart of New York City and they also toured NYC with Just Dance! alum Abby Haynes.

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