Newest Dancers En Pointe

Going en pointe is a huge milestone that is very hard to achieve and can only be done through dedication to ballet technique. Congratulations to the newest Charleston Dance Center dancers who are now en pointe!

Untitled design(6)Maggie Bednarczyk
Jenna Huser
Nevaeh Middleton
Faith Tranchida
Savana Morant
Lillian Tumminia
Ballet Mistress Andrea Snider says, “I am so proud of these girls who have worked so hard for the opportunity to join their peers en pointe. It’s so exciting to see these dancers excel everyday… really the hard work is just beginning. I look forward to inviting more dancers en pointe as they prove their  commitment and evolve their technique throughout the year.”
An invitation to pointe must come from the ballet teacher – there is a risk of serious injury in introducing a student to pointe too soon. It’s more than just a dancer’s age or physical maturity (though most dancers are ready between the ages of 10-12). The teacher makes a judgment based on strength, technique, attitude, and commitment.