Preschool Dance Class: What You Need to Know

Dance comes naturally to younger children, which is why it makes sense to start classes at a young age.

Charleston Dance Center offers three levels of preschool dance classes and two levels of preschool tumbling designed for children ages 2.5 – 6 years old. These classes focus on ballet, tap and tumbling fundamentals while learning basic dance terminology, musicality, tuning gross & fine motor skills, proper class etiquette and most of all, FUN!!!!

preschool-dance-class“I really want to get the children excited about dance,” explains Instructor Vanessa Henry. “I love hearing that they go home and dance all around their house and they tell everyone they see that they are a ballerina! That’s a sign of success.”

At Charleston Dance Center, even in our preschool dance classes, we focus first on teaching proper technique and second on learning choreography for our annual end of the year performance. Students will begin learning their recital dances in the second half of the year.

Skills Learned

While preschool classes may seem like fun and games, the focus is really on teaching good behavior habits and proper technique so our dancers start with a solid foundation.

Students will learn skills including the five basic ballet positions, plié, chasse, shuffles, cartwheels, etc. Ms. Vanessa uses repetition to help the students remember the movement, vocabulary and help develop muscle memory. Students also begin to learn more about musical timing, rhythm and proper posture!

Questions to Ask Your Child After Preschool Dance Class

Can you show me one thing you did in dance class?

What was the best thing that happened in dance class?

Who danced next to you?

What did your teacher talk about the most today?

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