About Us

Over two Decades of Dance Excellence in Charleston.

Whether you’re a young dancer taking your first steps or a seasoned competitive performer aiming for the national stage, Charleston Dance Center provides the perfect platform for your journey!

The Charleston Dance Center staff ensures age-appropriate, technical training within a nurturing environment. Our dedication extends to a comprehensive schedule of classes throughout the school year, complemented by engaging summer programs suitable for all ages. 


Nurturing Values, Embracing Family

Established in 1999 by Barbara Campbell Wade and her daughters, Buffi Wade and Kim Wade Roberts, Charleston Dance Center’s journey is rooted in a lifelong dream. Buffi’s passion for dance led her to begin teaching at the age of 16. As her love for teaching grew, so did her vision of owning a dance studio in Charleston, S.C. With the help of Barbara, affectionately known as “Gaga”, and Kim, Buffi’s dream became a reality.

Joined by Lindsey Gentry in 2016, after eight years of teaching at the studio, our family-owned establishment embodies the essence of artistic aspiration.

As a family-owned studio, we hold family values at our core; always putting family first and treating every dancer as a cherished member of our extended family.

Dance is not only a physical expression but a pathway to character development.

Beyond dance techniques, our students learn essential life skills—responsibility, dedication, building confidence, and the resilience to learn from mistakes.


Empowerment Through Dance Education

Charleston Dance Center proudly stands as one of Charleston, SC’s premier year-round dance studios. Our comprehensive offering caters to students aged 2 to 18, fostering growth at every stage of development. Our array of classes includes:

• Ballet & Pointe
• Jazz
• Tap
• Hip Hop
• Contemporary
• Tumbling
• Conditioning
• Technique
• Lyrical
• Musical Theater
• Together in Motion (i.e., “Mommy and Me”)
• Private Lessons + More


Our Renowned Dance Teams

Charleston Dance Center takes pride in housing the acclaimed Just Dance! competitive teams and performance group (discover more about our teams here). Just Dance! has earned the distinguished title of the 2022 NYCDA National Outstanding Studio of the Year. These teams, assembled through auditions every summer, exemplify our dedication to nurturing exceptional talent. With a diverse range of teams available, we cater to dancers of all ages and skill levels, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone.


Experience the Charleston Dance Center today—where excellence, passion, and family converge. 

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