Just Dance! Company

Just Dance Company

Just Dance! Company is the 2022 National Outstanding Studio (NYCDA).

Our dancers, age 5 to 18, compete across the country at regional and national competitions and conventions. This is the highest level of training, performing, and competing offered at Charleston Dance Center.

Company dancer requirements are specific to their level placement for the season. Requirements increase with the dancer’s age and ability levels.

Competitions and conventions are selected to challenge dancers, grow their skills and introduce them to other elite studios and dancers. In recent years, Just Dance! Company has competed in Charlotte, Atlanta and Jacksonville, Fla. in addition to South Carolina cities.

Mini Mini Team (average age is 6)

Mini Company (average age is 8)

Petite Company (average age is 10)

Junior Company (average age is 12)

Senior Company (average age is 14)