Meet The Faculty


Buffi Whetsell, Founder & Owner
Buffi Whetsell
Founder & Director

Buffi founded the studio in 2000 with her mom, Barbara Campbell Wade, and sister, Kim Wade Roberts. Buffi has 30+ years experience teaching jazz, hip hop, and tap classes. This year, Buffi is teaching various Jazz, Jazz Technique, and Tap classes.

Lindsey Gentry
Just Dance! Company Director

Lindsey joined the CDC faculty in 2008 and was named Just Dance! Company Director in 2016. Lindsey handles all choreography, costumes and rehearsals for the Just Dance! company. Additionally, this year, Lindsey is teaching various jazz, tumbling and jazz technique classes.

Andrea deVries Snider
Ballet Mistress

Andrea teaches all upper-level ballet classes (Ballet I, Ballet II, Ballet III, Ballet IV, Pointe) on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Vanessa Gibbons Henry
Just Dance! Collective
Co-Director, Instructor

Vanessa teaches Together in Motion, all preschool (Preschool I, Preschool II, Preschool III) and pre-program classes (Pre-Ballet, Pre-Jazz/Tap, Pre-Hip Hop, Pre-Tumbling). She is also co-director of Collective, Mini Mini Team and Tiny Tots.

Kyla White
Just Dance! Collective & KREW Co-Director, Instructor

Kyla teaches hip hop and tumbling classes in addition to co-directing Just Dance! KREW. She has been a studio owner in New England for 20 years and is excited to continue sharing her love of dance in Charleston after relocating.

Taylor Zandi
Just Dance! KREW Co-Director, Instructor

Taylor teaches all hip hop (I-IV) and conditioning (I-IV) classes in addition to co-directing Just Dance! KREW. She is an alumna of Just Dance and attended the University of South Carolina, where she was a four-year Carolina Girl and MVP. Currently she is also a personal trainer.

Alexandre Proia
Ballet Instructor

Alexandre has joined the CDC faculty as a ballet instructor for the 2023-2024 season. Alexandre has an extensive professional career including being an instructor at Peridance Center, Joffrey Ballet School, and New Jersey Ballet. Moreover, he has danced with Boston Ballet, New York City Ballet, and Martha Graham Dance.

Jean Louisa Steele
Tap Instructor

Jean Louisa has touched the lives of thousands of young dancers- including Buffi, who once was her protégé. After running a successful dance studio for many years, Jean Louisa is back focusing on classroom teaching. Currently, Jean Louisa teaches Tap II, III IV classes.

Macy Roberts
Just Dance! Company Assistant, Instructor

Macy has joined the CDC faculty for the 2023-2024 season. Having grown up in the studio, owned by her family, Macy is eager to be back “home”. Winning national titles for years as a competitive dancer, Macy brings a fresh perspective to the classroom.