Just Dance! Senior Company


Learn all about the Just Dance! Senior Company at Charleston Dance Center.

The Just Dance! senior company is selected through audition and has an average age of 14 years old. Senior company dancers are usually 13-17 years old, but a dancer’s age is just one factor that is considered for team placement. Height, ability, maturity, team composition and many other factors are also considered.

2023-24 Just Dance! Auditions – June 10, 2023

Junior and senior company dancers are held to the highest standards at Just Dance! A high level of work ethic, determination, and a willingness to commit to dance training are essential in these companies. Junior/senior company dancers are encouraged to attend numerous optional conventions and competitions throughout the season.

Just Dance! company members are not allowed to enroll in dance classes at any other studio or participate in dance events outside of school and Charleston Dance Center without permission from Just Dance! directors.

Senior company dancers participate in at least one competition dance each year. Most senior company members are invited to participate in multiple large group and small group dances in addition to duos/trios and solos. Parents are welcome to set limits on the number of dances their child participates in. This decision needs to be made in the summer, before choreography begins.

Senior Company Class Requirements:

  • Senior Company Rehearsal
  • Jazz IV
  • Tap IV
  • Ballet (4 classes per week)
  • Hip Hop IV
  • Contemporary IV
  • Conditioning III/IV
  • Optional: Tumbling

Tuition Cost: $285/mo. ($305 with tumbling)

Senior Company Competition Requirements:

  • Participation in all required competitions/conventions (typically Just Dance! attends 3 competition/conventions and 1 competition plus nationals)
  • Participation in all rehearsals (typically held on the weekends)
  • Participation in all dress rehearsals (typically held the weekend before each competition)
  • Participation in any master classes that are scheduled
  • Participation in summer intensives
  • Participation in the annual Year-End Performance
  • Purchasing required junior company makeup
  • Purchasing required costumes, shoes and accessories

Competition Cost: approximately $1,831/yr. for one group competition dance + $500 for each additional group competition dance*

*this number represents approximate fees that are paid to Just Dance! and does NOT include travel for events. Duos/Trios and solos require a larger investment.