Meet Andrea DeVries Snider

Andrea deVries Snider200x300Ms. Andrea is Charleston Dance Center’s ballet mistress. She teaches all upper level (Ballet I-IV and pointe) classes.
Where were you born? Charleston, SC
Do you have any siblings? 2, older sister, younger brother (I am middle child)
If you didn’t teach dance, what would you do? Stay at home mom
What is your favorite season? Summer, I prefer the heat
If you had free tickets to any show what would you choose? New York City Ballet

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be? That’s a hard question for a pregnant lady….Do I have to choose?
What is your favorite dance-related memory? Performing the lead in Jill Bahr’s Wings on in front of the Customs House in Charleston, SC. The breeze was just right and as I was lifted and carried by my partners I truly felt like I was flying and dancing so freely. It was pure magic.
What is your favorite music genre? Doowop
What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Not sure if it was a favorite, but I usually dressed as some form of ballerina (zombie ballerina, kitty cat ballerina, fairy ballerina etc.)
Are you a listener or a talker? Hmm, well in my younger years I was definitely a talker. However, my awareness of that is a constant reminder to be a better listener.

What is one piece of advice for your students? Always be a student, even when you think you are at the top of your game, continue to work on and perfect your technique. A dancer should Always be a student, no matter their age of level.