Dancers of the Year Announced

Every year Just Dance! company members vote by secret ballot to determine the Dancer of the Year for their company.

Dancer of the Year is not the best dancer on the team. There is no best dancer on the team because each dancer has different strengths and skills. The Dancer of the Year has the best attitude every day. She is consistently on time, prepared and kind to her teammates.

“These skills are what we value most in our dancers,” say Ms. Buffi and Ms. Lindsey. “There is no higher honor than to be recognized by your peers.”

The 2017 Mini Company Dancer of the Year is Olivia Whetzel.

“Olivia is so well behaved and has a great attitude during every class. She tries very hard to apply the corrections we’ve given her, which is so important at that age.”

The 2017 Petite Company Dancer of the Year is Anya Hutchins.

“This is Anya’s first year as part of a competition company. She came into the season so new and has embraced everything and learned so much that we feel like she’s been with us forever.”

The 2017 Junior Company Dancer of the Year is Madelyn Hall.

“Madelyn is a super-consistent worker. She is truly the ideal student who works hard in every class every day and has respect for everyone around her.”

The 2017 Senior Company Dancer of the Year is Hallyn White.

“Hallyn joined the team this year starting with just a few dances. Anytime another senior was injured Hallyn stepped in… at Hall of Fame Charlotte Regionals, she literally learned a new dance just before going on stage. She is now competing in every senior company dance and we are so grateful for her.”