Favorite Dance Memory: Class of 2018

“Good times come and go, but memories last forever.”

The Just Dance! Class of 2018 has a bank of amazing memories – from dance competitions to inside jokes. Here they think back to their favorites that they’ll hold with them forever.

Abby: Way, way too many to choose from – but one that always makes me smile was the time Lana farted during a really tense moment in rehearsal.

NYCDA NYC 1Hallyn: “My favorite just dance memory is when I went to NYCDA National Finale in New York with Ms. Lindsey and my friends. It was the best trip of my life: I danced almost everyday, I watched Misty Copeland perform, I ate some really amazing crepes, and I was able to experience it all with my friends. Read more about the trip.

Hollis: My favorite memory is probably last year at KAR Nationals right before they announced the last Grand Champion award. Everyone was waiting in anticipation and when they called our name for “For Lovers,” the feeling was amazing!

Glynn: There are way too many to narrow it down to just one, but some of my favorites are the Virginia Beach trip (if you know, you know) and living with the senior team during KAR Nationals. Basically any time spent dancing with my best friends is a favorite memory so I have enough to last me a lifetime, and can’t wait to make even more this summer at The Dance Awards.

Alden: Recital is always my favorite time of year, but I can’t pinpoint a specific one, so probably all of them! Also KAR Nationals 2016 when Caitlyn peed on the stage during awards. Or maybe our after-nationals parties that became tradition at the Myrtle Beach condos. There’s too many memories to pick just one!