Krystal Quick: Why I Love Competition Dance

Krystal Quick explains, in her words, why her daughter (Hayden) is part of Just Dance!, a competition dance team based at Charleston Dance Center.

Hayden began dance classes at the age of 2.  When she was four years old she saw a video of little girls taking tumbling classes and told me that she too wanted to learn those skills.  After a lot of calls and studio visits, we found Charleston Dance Center. Every week while waiting on tumbling to begin, we watched the monitors in awe of the skills and techniques that the older girls exhibited.  Hayden would go home and practice to the best of her ability the techniques that she saw the older girls doing.  Then one day, Hayden saw a flyer on the wall of the lobby for Just Dance! auditions.  When I saw her eyes light up after reading the poster, I knew I was in for it!

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By the time auditions came around, Hayden was 5 and she made sure to tell everyone she knew that she made the Mini Mini Team!  She was definitely excited! As a mom, I wanted to make sure that she was well equipped to handle team and asked every question that you can imagine before I committed.  Even at 5 years old, she had to understand that joining the team would be a commitment for our entire family, but if she really wanted it (which she did) we would be willing to give it our all.

Hayden SoloThe season started, and Hayden loved it!  She took jazz, tap, ballet, and tumbling classes her first year. We live in Ladson, and to ensure that she was on time for class meant leaving an hour before class time every day.  So, Hayden did (and still does) a week’s worth of homework (every week) in one day.  This year she added hip hop and competed her very first solo.  Often times, the drive and time commitment can be a nuisance, but when I weigh that against the benefits that Hayden receives as a Just Dancer it becomes insignificant.

Just Dance! has allowed Hayden to delight in her passion of dance while gaining lifelong lessons and friends.  As an only child, she lives to spend time with her teammates.  These girls allow her to experience what it means to have a sister -someone that understands you, cares for you, and always has your back and best interest at heart.  They encourage each other to do their best and are just as happy when another succeeds as they would be for themselves.  Through dance Hayden has learned to be confident, to set goals, to be dedicated, and to have self-discipline. I see these skills carried over at home and in school, and I could not be prouder of the person that she is becoming.

I once asked Hayden if she wanted to take tennis lessons.  Not to replace dance or team, but in addition to.  Her reply was, “No, Mom.  I don’t have time.  I’m a dancer!”  So, will we back next year? Yep! Hayden is a dancer, a Just Dancer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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