Just Dance! Collective, Mini Mini Team, and Tiny Tots had an incredible week at Applause Talent Competition Nationals in Charleston.

Congratulations to Emma Amman for earning first place in Best of the Best AND the highest teen ovation score of the entire competition!

Top Score Groups

Tiny Tots (Encore): Car Wash (4th overall)

Petite (Encore): Mama I’m a Big Girl Now (7th overall)

Petite (Ovation): Hot Hot Hot (3rd overall, Totally Together Award, Best of the Best)

Junior (Ovation): Heaven’s Gate (13th overall)

Teen (Ovation): Last Seen Alive (9th overall, Intensity Award), Open Arms (10th overall)

Top Score Solos

Petite (Ovation): Avery Stanley (7th overall)

Junior (Ovation): Mollie Cromer (22nd overall, Choreography Award)

Teen (Ovation): Emma Amman (1st overall, highest ovation score, Best of the Best), Reese West (27th overall), Mona Claire Brown (50th overall)

Senior (Ovation): Jenna Huser (9th overall, Standout Dancer)

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