Just Dance! Mini Mini Team


Learn all about the Just Dance! Mini Mini Team at Charleston Dance Center.

2024- 2025 Just Dance! Mini Mini Team Auditions: Saturday, June 8, 2024

If you missed the auditions, but are interested in joining the Just Dance! Mini Mini team, CONTACT US today!

  • Participation in all required competitions/conventions (typically Just Dance! attends 3 competitions/conventions plus 1 nationals)
  • Participation in all rehearsals (typically held on the weekends in the fall)
  • Participation in all dress rehearsals (typically held the weekend before each competition)
  • Participation in any master classes that are scheduled
  • Participation in summer intensives
  • Participation in the annual Year-End Performance
  • Purchasing required mini mini team makeup
  • Purchasing required costumes, shoes and accessories