Tiny Tots Team


Learn all about our youngest team: Tiny Tots

The Just Dance! tiny tots team is selected by invitation and has an average age of 4.5 years old. Tiny tots dancers must have danced at Charleston Dance Center for a minimum of one year before they can be invited to participate.

The tiny tots team is a great introduction to competition dance because dancers only compete in one competition per year and there are just two required classes. This is a step above taking one class per week and participating in the Year End Performance. It is a natural transition between tiny tots and the mini mini team.

Tiny Tots Team Class Requirements:

  • Tiny Tots Team Rehearsal
  • Tiny Tots Class

Tuition Cost: $100/mo.

Tiny Tots Team Competition Requirements:

  • Participation in one Charleston-area competition
  • Participation in all dress rehearsals (typically held the weekend before competition)
  • Participation in the annual Year-End Performance
  • Purchasing required tiny tots team makeup
  • Purchasing required costumes, shoes and accessories

Competition Cost: approximately $255