We are so proud of Just Dance! Collective and Mini Mini Teams! They were incredible at Inspire Dance Competition 2022 Columbia, S.C. regionals!

Jenna Huser earned the top score of the day for her solo, Mary. She was the top overall teen solo, a teen top performer, named Miss Teen Inspire, and earned a Judge’s Choice Award for Choreography (choreographer: Gracen Nelson).

Caitlyn Burn placed second overall and was named Miss Junior Inspire. Reagan Ziebell placed third overall, was named Miss Senior Inspire, earned teen top performer, and received a Judge’s Choice Award for Most Captivating.

The following Just Dancers were named INSPIRE All-Stars: Jenna Huser, Reagan Ziebell, Faith Tranchida, Caitlyn Burn.

INSPIRE All-Stars are invited to participate in the Inspire Nationals Event, and will have the opportunity to perform in the opening number of the INSPIRE All-Star Challenge. Judges choose INSPIRE All-Stars based on their inspirational performances and dedication as dancers. 


Mini Recreational Large Group: Cafe Parfait (1st overall)

Junior Competitive Small Group: Lands (2nd overall and Judge’s Choice Award for Commitment)

Junior Competitive Large Group: Oh So Quiet (1st overall, highest competitive score of the competition, and Judge’s Choice Broadway Best)

Junior Competitive Super Line: Shake (1st)

Teen Competitive Small Group: Miss Kiss (2nd)

Teen Competitive Large Group: Brooklyn Bounce (1st)


Mini: Avery Stanley (1st overall)

Petite: Avalyn Camilo (most photogenic and most inspirational)

Junior: Caitlyn Burn (2nd overall and Miss Junior Inspire), Irelyn Addis (7th overall), Mona Claire Brown (8th overall)

Teen: Jenna Huser (1st overall), Faith Tranchida (7th overall), Ava Cassidy (Judges Choice Award for Broadway Best)

Senior: Reagan Ziebell (3rd overall)

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