Just Dance at NYCDA Nationals

Just Dance! Company ended their season with a bang — 2022 National Outstanding Studio Winner!

We are incredibly honored to have received the Mini/Junior Versatility Award. Plus, the following dances earned Critic’s Choice Awards, which means they will perform in the Gala: Hit the Dance Floor (mini), Creators (junior), All That Jazz (teen), Hide and Seek (senior).

National Outstanding Dancer Finalists

First Runner Up: Blais Lingle (mini)

Top 25: Hayden Quick (mini)

Top 40: Lorelei Lingle (junior)

Top 50: Lana Baird (senior)

Savannah Rose (senior) earned a $5,000 scholarship to the Steps 2-Year Conservatory Program.

Both Lorelei and Blais Lingle earned $750 scholarships to the Steps Summer Youth Program. Blais also earned automatic acceptance and full tuition (no audition required) to the ABT Gillespie School in Southern California.

Stand Out Scholarships: Addison McIlwain, Brooklyn Cate Rea, Evelyn Green (mini) and Savannah White (junior).

Top Score Groups

Mini Group: Dream (5th overall, 3rd contemporary)

Mini Line: Hit the Dance Floor (2nd overall)

Mini Small Production: I Gotcha (1st overall)

Junior Group: Creators (2nd overall, 1st contemporary)

Teen Group: Gomorrah (4th overall, 1st ballet), Say My Name (3rd overall jazz)

Teen Ext. Line: Roadrunner (1st overall, 2nd hip hop)

Teen Small Production: All That Jazz (1st overall)

Senior Duo/Trio: Stilted (8th overall)

Senior Group: Hide and Seek (3rd overall, 4th contemporary)

Top Score Solos

Mini: Hayden Quick (29th)

Teen: Kassy Ladson (27th)

Senior: Lana Baird (23rd), Savannah Rose (29th)

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