Just Dance! Company, Collective, and Mini Mini Teams competed at the same event for the first time! We are so proud to see our dancers excel at all levels of competition. Plus, dancers in our teen and senior groups earned the Sportsmanship Award for their kindness and encouragement backstage.

Just Dance! Company earned the highest score of the competition for minis (Mr. Lonely), juniors (My Love), and seniors (I’m Broke). Predictions on the Ave earned the Entertainment Award for the teen category.

Just Dance! Collective earned the highest score of the competition for juniors (Let’s Work) and teens (Open Arms). Jenna Huser (teen) also earned the highest score of the competition for her solo.

Here’s a look at our results from the weekend:

Top Score Groups Advanced (Company)

Mini Duo/Trio: Memory (2nd overall)

Mini Groups: Mr. Lonely (1st overall, high score contemporary, Critic’s Choice Award Winner), Beauty (2nd overall, top score open, Critic’s Choice Award nominee)

Mini Lines: Reimagined (1st overall)

Junior Groups: My Love (1st overall, top score open, Critic’s Choice Award Winner)

Junior Lines: Egyptian (3rd overall, Critic’s Choice Nominee)

Teen Groups: Living Room (1st overall, Critic’s Choice Nominee)

Teen Lines: Predictions on the Ave (2nd overall), Hotel Lobby (3rd overall, Judges Award for Funky and Fresh, Critic’s Choice Award Nominee)

Senior Groups: I’m Broke (1st overall, highest score contemporary, Critic’s Choice Award Winner)

Top Score Groups Primary (Collective)

Prep: Mama I’m a Big Girl Now (highest score for jazz and lines)

Mini Groups: Hot Hot Hot (3rd overall)

Junior Groups: Let’s Work (1st overall, highest score for jazz)

Junior Productions: Heaven’s Gate (1st overall, highest score for lyrical)

Teen Groups: Open Arms (1st overall, highest score contemporary), Last Seen Alive (2nd overall, highest score open)

Teen Lines: Get Outta Your Mind (1st overall)

Top Score Advanced Solos (Company)

Mini: Blais Lingle (1st overall, Judge’s Award for Outstanding Maturity, as well as Silent and Strong, title winner), Kensley LaCavera (3rd overall, title runner up), Taylor Simmons (6th overall), Addison McIlwain (9th overall), Jaimi Ingram (12th overall), Avalyn Camilo (14th overall)

Junior: Raelyn LaCavera (6th overall), Hayden Quick (12th overall), Peyton Pental (13th overall)

Teen: Maggie Bednarczyk (4th overall and title runner-up), Kassy Ladson (6th overall, Judge’s Award for Stunning Quality of Movement, and title runner-up), Blakely Thrasher (15th overall), Lorelei Lingle (22nd overall)

Senior: Sierra Coleman (13th overall), Addie Adams (15th overall)

Top Score Primary Solos (Collective)

Junior: Mollee Cromer (2nd overall, high score contemporary, Judge’s Award for You Betta Act), Reese West (5th overall)

Teen: Jenna Huser (1st overall, highest score contemporary), Emma Amman (2nd overall), Faith Tranchida (3rd overall)

Senior: Reagan Ziebell (2nd overall, highest score contemporary)

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