Just Dance! Results: Shake the Ground Charleston

Just Dance! Collective, Mini Mini, and Tiny Tots teams competed at Shake the Ground Dance Competition Charleston regionals – and they were on fire!

Congratulations to our top scoring soloists: Taylor Simmons, Brooklyn Cate Rea, Caitlyn Burn, Lorelei Lingle, and Jenna Huser.

Top Score Groups

Petite Novice Large Group: Cafe Parfait (1st), Minnie’s Bowtique (3rd)

Primary Intermediate Small Group: Lands (1st)

Primary Intermediate Large Group: Oh So Quiet (1st), Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (2nd)

Primary Intermediate Line: Shake (1st)

Junior Intermediate Small Group: Miss Kiss (2nd)

Top Score Solos

Petite Novice: Avery Stanley (2nd, Most Entertaining), Avalyn Camilo (4th), Chelsea Miller (6th), Madison Stanley (9th), Mia Jernigan (10th)

Petite Competitive: Taylor Simmons (1st), Lucia Spann (2nd), Jaimi Ingram (3rd), Evelyn Green (4th)

Primary Novice: Irelyn Addis (2nd), Mona Claire Brown (5th)

Primary Competitive: Brooklyn Cate Rea (1st), Blais Lingle (2nd), Savannah White (3rd), Addison McIlwain (4th), Lily Gangway (5th)

Primary Intermediate: Caitlyn Burn (1st), Ashley Frame (5th), Sullivan Wood (7th)

Junior Competitive: Lorelei Lingle (1st, Aspire Award)

Junior Intermediate: Jenna Huser (1st, Outstanding Technical Achievement), Faith Tranchida (3rd), Emma Amman (4th, Aspire Award), Ava Cassidy (5th, Best Costume), Caroline Harkins (9th)

Senior Intermediate: Reagan Ziebell (7th)

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