All Just Dance! Companies came together for a dress rehearsal before the first competition of the 2018 season. As part of the rehearsal, we asked all dancers to pick another dancer who inspires her and share with the dancer and on social media. We are so excited with the results! This is such a fun and positive way to start the season and it was really exciting for the dancers.

Caroline H. (mini company) inspires Gracen N. (senior company). Gracen says “I love you! I think it is pretty obvious why you inspire me, I mean you hip roll better than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Madelyn H. (junior company) inspires Glynn K. (senior company). Glynn says, “Sissy!! You are like no other… I love you so much.”

Milo T. (petite company) inspires Madelyn H. (junior company). Madelyn says, “Milo inspires me because he’s a leader, kind and dedicated which motivates me to work harder. It doesn’t matter whether we win or not, but it does matter if you give it your all! Thanks for being an inspiration!”

Addison A. (junior company) inspires Olivia W. (mini company). Olivia says, “Addison is so kind and goes out of her way to encourage others. She is an amazing dancer.”

Katie F. (senior company) inspires Sarah C. (petite company). Sarah says, “I’m inspired by Katie because she is so sweet and she is an amazing dancer.”

Gracen N. (senior company) inspires Dailyn S. (junior company). Dailyn says, “Gracen inspires me to work hard everyday. Despite hardships at home she is always smiling. She is a beautiful dancer and amazing person.”

Hallyn W. (senior company) inspires Berkley S. (mini company). Berkley says, “Hallyn, you have inspired me from Day 1. You help motivate me to be a better dancer and I can always count on you to make me smile. Thanks for being someone who inspires me!”

Berkley S. (mini company) inspires Hallyn W. (senior company). Hallyn says, “I love youuu Berkley. You’re SO talented and always smiling and working hard, you inspire me to dance my BEST and always stay positive.”

Caitlyn H. (senior company) inspires Addison A. (junior company). Addison says, “I’m inspired by Caitlyn H. because she is so nice, an amazing dancer, and so sweet!!! She helps me so much and I love her so much. I’m so glad you’re a part of my life.”

Grace M. (junior company) inspires Brynna N. (petite company). Brynna says, “First I want to say that I LOVE you! You inspire me to try things different, we have been friends for almost 4 years! We laugh, we love, and we snuggle together!”

Lana B. (senior company) inspires Raelyn L. (mini company). Raelyn says, “Lana you inspire me because you are focused and hard working! And I hope to become as good of a dancer as you one day!”

contest 13Payton L. (junior company) inspires Harper N. (mini company). Harper says, “I am inspired by you because you have great personality, and inspire me to have dedication!”

Addison A. (junior company) inspires Abby H. (senior company). Abby says, “Addie!!! You inspire me every day because of your positive energy and incredible work ethic!! My love for you is as big as your lulu collection and as wide as my toes in that first pic.”

Gracen N. (senior company) inspires Grace M. (junior company). Grace says, “Gracen you inspire me soo sooo much!! You always want to make me do better! I love you to the moon and back!! You are such a great dancer, super nice, and always hard working! I hope someday when I get older, I’ll be able to dance like you. You are so amazing!!”

Reagan Z. (petite company) inspires Dailyn S. (junior company). Dailyn says, “Reagan inspires me because she’s a great dancer and whenever times are hard she comes into dance smiling and has a great attitude.”

Contest 3Hollis (senior company) inspires Jaida S. (junior company). Jaida says, “Hollis is such an inspiration to me! She always does her best no matter what and she is so nice and considerate of others! She is so positive about things it makes me feel a lot better about things when I am stressed out! Thanks for all that you do!”

Leilah B. (junior company) inspires Katie F. (senior company). Katie says, “Leilah inspires me because her passion for dance shows through her dancing! She’s so sweet, funny and hardworking!”

Faith T. (petite company) inspires Leilah B. (junior company). Leilah says, “Faith was my inspiration. I chose her because she could not work any harder in classes and she is always focused. I can see her progress everyday and there are a million words how I could describe Faith.”

Katie F. (senior company) inspires Jenna J. (petite company). Jenna says, “Katie inspires me because she is a very hard working dancer!! She is always so nice and is always very helpful! Thank you Katie for inspiring me to do better and work harder!”