The Boundless Experience Comes to Charleston Dance Center

Charleston Dance Center is thrilled to offer the Boundless Experience – open to all dancers. This two-day workshop led by Darlyn Perez and Brodie Rachelle Masse is designed to help explore movement and dancer’s own voice in their artistry.

Ms. Gracen has attended Boundless in the past and says the techniques that they’ve developed encourage self reflection, mindfulness, and intention in the studio. “It is a very personal experience for everyone, but I hope our dancers gain a deeper understanding of their mind and body. I want them to finish the weekend feeling exhausted and empty, yet so full and inspired from the effort they put in.”

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, October 15, 2022
11:00-12:30 Warm up & Technique
12:30-1:15 Gaga
1:15-2:00 Movement
2:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-4:00 Improv Techniques
4:00-5:00 Repitore & Composition

Sunday, October 16, 2022
10:00-11:00 Ballet Tech
11:00-12:30 Partner Work and Movement Techniques
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:45 Mindfulness
1:45-3:00 Improv Techniques
3:00-3:45 Repitore
3:45 Parent Showing

Darlyn and Brodie will give dancers a sense of freedom within choreography as they create a collaboration. At the end of the workshop, they will have a small showing of their creation to share that offers students a feeling of accomplishment of what they’ve explored and conquered.

Ms. Gracen says she left her Boundless Experience feeling refreshed, motivated, and more confident. We can’t wait to see what the heights Charleston dancers can reach!

The cost to attend is $265/dancer and more information is available by emailing

About Darlyn Perez

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Darlyn was chosen out of 800+ dancers to join the first ever Rambert2 Dance Company in London, UK. Touring for a year all around the UK, she worked with worldwide choreographers such Benoit Swan Pouffer, Sharon Eyal, Ohad Naharin, Rafael Bonachela and many more. She spent the whole month of September 2019 in Saudi Arabia dancing for Cirque du Soleil and recently choreographed for The Killers World Tour 2022 for the song “Human.” 

About Brodie Rachelle Masse

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Brodie is a beloved choreographer and master class instructor across Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. 

She is a faculty member of American based touring convention Intrigue Dance Convention and a guest teacher for renowned school Broadway Dance Centre. Most recently Brodie choreographed and directed a full length show “Made of Pieces.”

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