Tips for Dancers Taking Virtual Dance Classes

Virtual classes are new for most students and faculty at Charleston Dance Center. We are so appreciative of all our families making the transition with us. We’ve all learned a lot in the last few weeks and have some tips for Zoom dance classes as we get used to this temporary situation.

1. Hardwire laptops to modems for better internet service.

If it is possible, don’t rely on the wifi to take your classes. Using an ethernet cable (CAT5e or CAT6), you can connect your device to either the router or to hardwired CAT5e jacks within your home.

2. Turn off sleep mode.

Change the settings on your device so your device does not go into sleep mode (or at least set it to stay awake as long as possible) so class is not interrupted.

3. Connect just one device to audio.

Many of our dancers are using multiple devices to better see and hear instruction. If you are using two devices, only connect one device to audio, otherwise there is an annoying echo.

4. Troubleshoot: power on and off.

If your video/audio keeps stopping, students should log off and back on again. BUT, MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR TEACH BEFORE YOU DROP OFF, so your teacher knows to look for you in the waiting room!

5. Don’t use the chat function to message each other

It is very distracting for everyone when you are using the chat function during class. Help us out and don’t do it!

6. Private messages aren’t private.

Even if your chat message is marked as “private,” the host can still see it. We’ve seen some really great messages!

7. Pay attention to your lighting.

If possible, make sure the light source is in front of you/behind your webcam. When the light source is behind your head, it looks like you are having some kind of out-of-body experience and it is hard to see your face.

8. Take online classes just as you would in the studio.

Please pay attention, listen to the teacher, ask questions and please limit the amount of people walking in front of your camera.  It is very helpful to get dressed in proper dance wear, hair pulled back, etc. as you would for a normal class.