5 Reasons to Start Competitive Dance at a Young Age

If your dancer loves classes at the studio, auditioning for the competition team is a natural next step.

2017 Mini Minis CrazyIf we had to pick the ideal time for a dancer to join our company, it would be as part of the mini mini team, which has an average age of 6. At this age, it is about having fun and seeing if it is something you and your dancer would enjoy in the years to come.

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Here are five reasons to start competitive dance at a young age:

1. Less requirements.

Our mini mini team takes three required classes each week (one hour, two days a week). This enables these dancers to continue their other hobbies and to adjust to spending more than one day a week at the studio. See our class schedule.

“Just Dance! does a wonderful job in making sure the girls are introduced with the right amount of classes and practice,” says Catherine Rea, parent of a mini mini team member. Read more about Rea’s experience.

2. One dance.

The mini mini team only performs one competition dance each year. That limits the time, money and stress! Plus it is a great way to ease into the competition world.

As dancers get older, they may be selected for additional dances. Parents can always set a limit on the number of competition dances their child participates in each year.

3. Develop friendships.

At this age, everything is new – for the dancers and the parents! Going through the first year together, we see a lot of bonding that gets stronger each year. This is when we see carpools form and start hearing about crazy sleepovers!

4. Flexibility.

Dance is one discipline that is tougher to start the older you get. Flexibility and technique come more naturally at an early age and both will serve children well in almost anything they do – whether it is dance or basketball.

5. There’s time for a back-up plan.

We understand that competitive dance isn’t for everyone. When a dancer decides at 7 or 8 or 10 that she doesn’t love it, she still has plenty of time to try new hobbies that will suit her better.

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