7 Basic Dance Class Etiquette Rules

Everyone wants to be the best and in dance, that begins with the proper etiquette. Basic dance class etiquette is the same in every single studio, convention and workshop.

Professional dancers say they know immediately who will be successful in a class or audition based on how the dancer enters the room.

At Charleston Dance Center, we teach dance etiquette in all of our classes – it’s never too early to learn!

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Below are 7 basic dance class etiquette rules every dancer should follow:

1. Dress the part.

We could go on and on about dance class attire. Actually, we did. Read this blog post!

The bottom line is that it is disrespectful when dancers are not dressed appropriately. Not to mention it usually impacts the dancer’s attitude and makes it more difficult for the teacher to see the dancer’s technique.

2. The front row is for the oldest dancers.

Even if you arrived first, do not stand in the front of the room unless you are one of the older dancers in the class and you know you will pick up the combinations quickly.

By standing behind the advanced dancers, younger dancers can learn from them and find a window between them to see in the mirror. Plus you are showing respect for the older dancers.

3. Always stand behind the teacher.

Do you think you’re better than your teacher? No. Then make sure you’re standing behind him or her. Give your teacher enough space to teach and respect his/her personal space.

4. Don’t walk in front of the class.

Most Charleston Dance Center classes are an hour or less – dancers shouldn’t need to leave in the middle of a class. However, we understand a rare and quick trip to the restroom.

If you need to leave during class, walk BEHIND the class when entering and exiting. And don’t make it a habit.

5. Wait until the music stops.

If music is playing in a classroom, do not enter or exit the classroom. Show respect to the teacher and the class by waiting until the music stops.

6. Say thank you.

Dancers are expected to tell the teacher “thank you” after every dance class. In many classes, dancers applaud at the end of the class to show gratitude to the teacher. If you are new to a class, wait and see if your classmates applaud.

7. No talking.

If you’re talking, you and your classmates can’t hear the important corrections the teacher is offering.

Always pay attention even when you’re waiting on your turn. You don’t want to get caught slouching or looking bored. And don’t ever sit down unless you’re asked to.