RADIX: The First Competition of the Season for the Just Dance Company!

Just Dance! Company captivated the audience this past weekend at RADIX Dance Convention in Atlanta, GA, as they completed the first competition of the season! The weekend was a total blast with epic convention classes, fierce competition vibes, and some seriously next-level dance moves that left everyone in awe.

A round of applause to our outstanding Just Dancers for their stellar performances over the weekend—we couldn’t be prouder! This inaugural competition was a resounding success, and we are eager to share the exciting highlights of Just Dance! Company’s achievements.


Just Dance! Solos & Duo/Trios

Awarded “Over the Edge”

(Highest Adjudication)


• Hayden Q. | I’m Alive
• Blais L: The Rockrose & the Thistle
• Lorelei L. | Enharmonic
• Kassy L. | Show Me a Body


Nightfall Pale Blue | Mini Duo/Trio

Overall High Scores

Top 10 Junior Solos

• Hayden Q. | 3rd Place
• Blais L | 7th Place

Top 10 Senior Solos

• Kassy L. | 8th Place

Top 3 Mini Duo/Trio

Nightfall Pale Blue | 1st Place

Top 3 Senior Duo/Trio

Akeda | 3rd Place

Just Dance! High Scoring Groups

3rd Place Mini Contemporary : Wind

2nd Place Junior Contemporary : Real Love

Just Dance! Specialty Awards

Best of Radix (Junior) : Real Love

Studio Standout : Stay Alive


Cutting Edge Scholarship

• Lucy S. | Mini Tap
• Ashley F. | Junior Tap
• Kensley L. | Junior Tap
• Brooklyn Cate R. | Junior Jazz/ Contemporary
• Lorelei L. | Teen Jazz/Contemporary
• Emma A. | Teen Jazz/Contemporary
• Lawson W.| Teen Ballet
• Sierra C. | Senior Jazz/Contemporary
• Maggie B. | Senior Ballet

Choice Artist

Selected by Mandy (Faculty Member): Maggie B.



• Jaimi I. | Runner-Up
• Brynlee W. | Runner-Up


• Blais L. | Winner
• Peyton P. | Winner
• Hayden Q. | Runner-Up


• Caitlyn B.| Runner-Up
• Annalise F. | Runner-Up
• Raelyn L. | Runner-Up

Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates as our dancers continue to shine on their journey through the season!