Just Dance! Brought the Fire at Inferno Competition

Charleston Dance Center’s Just Dance! Collective and Mini Mini Teams dominated the stage at the Inferno Dance Competition in Charleston this past weekend (February 16 & 17). With it being the teams’ inaugural competition of the season, the anticipation was high, and the performers did not disappoint. The weekend was a showcase of talent, dedication, and pure passion for dance, leaving everyone in awe of their remarkable performances.

Group Dances

Birthday Party

Platinum, 1st Place


Elite Platinum, 1st Place

Forever Young

Elite Platinum, 1st Place


Elite Platinum, 1st Place

That Man

Elite Platinum, 2nd Place

14 Days

Elite Platinum, 1st Place

Ay Caramba

Elite Platinum


Elite Platinum, 1st Place

Are You Ready

Elite Platinum, 2nd Place

Special Recognitions

Aside from securing the top rank in individual categories, 14 Days was awarded the Grand Champion award, by being the highest scoring group of the entire competition!

Just Dance! was also proud to take home the Studio Artistry award!

Solo Performances

Beginner Division

Ages 5-6

Iva – 1st Place

Ages 7-8

Adalyn – 1st Place
Emmy – 5th Place

Intermediate Division

Ages 7-8

Avery – 3rd Place

Ages 9-11

Lillian – 11th Place

Ages 12-14

Brayah – 1st Place
Reese – 2nd Place
Mollie – 4th Place
Lula – 9th Place
Mona Claire – 11th Place

Ages 15-16

Jenna – 1st Place
Heidi – 2nd Place
Faith – 5th Place

Ages 17-19

Reagan – 1st Place

Advanced Division

Ages 9-11

Brynlee – 1st Place, 2nd Highest Score (Ages 11 and Under)

Ages 12-14

Caitlyn – 7th Place