Just Dance! Revive Competition Success 2024

Clinching Top Scores and Scholarships Galore.

The Just Dance! Company dazzled the stage at the Revive competition, showcasing their unparalleled talent and dedication. Their exceptional skill and artistry earned them an array of scholarships and performance recognitions. As always, #itsgoodtobeajustdancer.


Just Dance! Company emerged as a standout force at the competition, this past weekend in Columbia, SC. Their performance was nothing short of exceptional, highlighted by achieving the highest-scoring group dance of the entire event. Not stopping there, they also dominated in multiple categories and age groups, securing numerous first-place titles.

Top Performances: Mini Category

Top 10 Mini Solos

6th place: Avalyn C.
8th place: Jaimi I.
10th place: Brynlee W.

Top 10 Mini Small Group

2nd place: Wind

Top 10 Mini Duo/Trio

1st place: Nightfall Pale Blue

Top 10 Mini Large Group

3rd place: The Sea

Top Performances: Junior Category

Top 10 Junior Solos

1st place: Hayden Q.
7th place: Blais L.

Top 10 Junior Large Group

1st place: Spiraling Chaos

Top 10 Junior Small Group

1st place: Real Love

Top 10 Junior Line

3rd place: Legendary

Top Performances: Teen Category

Top 10 Teen Small Group

8th place: The Chosen

Top 10 Teen Large Group

3rd place: Stay Alive
6th place: Eleanor Rigby

Top Performances: Senior Category

Top 10 Solo Solos

2nd place: Maggie B.
10th place: Kassy L.

Top 10 Senior Small Group

3rd place: Some Moonlit Nights

Top 10 Senior Duo/Trio

3rd place: Akeda

Top 10 Senior Large Group

1st place: Baby’s Romance

Special Awards

Genre Overall Awards

highest scoring group routine per genre

All Heart

highest scoring group routine for each age group


highest scoring group routine of ENTIRE competition


City Crew Performance Opportunity

Junior City Crew

Peyton P., Kensley L., Blais L., Hayden Q.

Teen City Crew

Raelyn L., Nathaniel G., Annalise F., Berkley S., Lorelei L.

Senior City Crew

Kassy L.

Single Convention Scholarship


Lucy S., Jaimi I.


Addison M., Kensley L., Ashley F.


Olivia W.

Honored Dancer Nominees


Brynlee W.


Blais L., Peyton P., Hayden Q.


Raelyn L., Lawson W., Emma A., Lorelei L., Annalise F., Berkley S.


Kassy L.

Elite Honored Dancer Nominee


Nathaniel G.

Way to Go Just Dancers!

We applaud each Just Dancer for their unwavering dedication and stellar performances this past weekend at Revive in Columbia, SC. We look forward to the next competition.

Way to go, Just Dancers!!