Just Dance! Collective, Mini Mini, and Tiny Tots had a great weekend at Applause Talent Competition Regionals in Columbia, S.C. It is the very first time our Tiny Tots took the stage and they earned first place overall!

We were also thrilled to be awarded the Studio Spirit Award for outstanding sportsmanship. This is the second competition these teams have been recognized for their kindness and encouragement backstage and we couldn’t be more proud!

Two of our dances, On Broadway and Get Outta Your Mind, were selected as All Stars and given the opportunity to perform in New York this summer.

Top Score Groups

Tiny Tot First Call Small Group: Car Wash (1st overall)

Petite Ovation Small Group: Hot Hot Hot (2nd overall)

Junior Ovation Large Group: Heaven’s Gate (4th overall, Beautiful Lines Award)

Junior Ovation Line: On Broadway (2nd overall)

Teen Ovation Small Group: Last Seen Alive (4th overall), Open Arms (5th overall)

Top Score Solos

Petite Ovation: Chelsea Miller (2nd overall, Ovation Petite Applause Title 1st Runner Up), Avery Stanley (3rd overall)

Junior Ovation: Mollie Cromer (8th overall)

Teen Ovation: Emma Amman (3rd overall), Sullivan Wood (Ovation Teen Applause Title 2nd Runner Up)

Senior Ovation: Reagan Ziebell (9th overall, Ovation Senior Applause Title 2nd Runner Up)

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