Choosing a Dance Studio in North Charleston, SC

When you have a lot of options for dance studios, such as in North Charleston, SC, it can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the dance world.

One of the most important things you can do is visit the studio. Most studios, including Charleston Dance Center, offer the ability to try a class for free before registering. Contact us to schedule your first class.

Charleston Dance Center is a dance studio in West Ashley, very close to I-526 for easy access to North Charleston. We offer dance classes at all levels and all genres as well as multiple options for competition teams.

5 Things to Look For When Touring North Charleston, SC Dance Studios

Class Schedule

Look at the dance studio’s class schedule to ensure it is a place where your dancer can grow. Maybe today your dancer is only interested in hip hop classes, but over time your dancer may become interested in other genres such as ballet, tap, contemporary, or more. You also want to be sure you’ll be able to make it to the dance studio in North Charleston, SC.

Class Size

Look into each studio space to see how many students are in each class. You want to be sure that your child gets adequate attention from the teacher. If dancers are bored waiting for their turns, they will not be happy with their experience – and neither will you!

Skilled Older Dancers

A studio’s older dancers are a direct reflection on their teaching. Do the dancers have good technique? Are their dances and costumes age appropriate? Are the dancers respectful within the studio? If you look at a dance studio’s older dancers, you should feel good about sending your child to the dance studio.

Facility and Safety

Ask what type of floors are used in the studio. Wood sprung floors or “floating floors” are best for dancers because they help absorb shock, relieving stress from your bones and joints and preventing injuries.

The Overall Feeling

Are the parents and dancers at the dance studio generally happy? Are they interested in what their child is doing in class? For younger classes, does the teacher check in with them after class? A studio should be a safe environment for children to learn and grow.

Why Charleston Dance Center Tops the List of Dance Studios in North Charleston SC

For 25 years, Charleston Dance Center has been a family-owned dance studio that has trained all levels of dancers. We genuinely care about our students are committed to teaching valuable life skills in addition to dance technique.

We’d love to have you join us! Check out our class schedule today!

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