Just Dance! Company is making the most of their last regional competition of the season! We are thrilled that two of our dances were the highest scoring in their divisions: Mr. Lonely (mini) and One (teen). I’m Broke (senior small group), choreographed by Julia Hartineaux, won the senior choreography award. Raelyn LaCavera earned the highest possible individual award – Junior Apprentice. She is able to attend any Intrigue event at no charge for two years!

Intrigue Dance Convention offers several unique opportunities for dancers, including an improv competition, a concept competition, and imagination, where a dancer choreographs and sets an entire dance from costumes to lighting. We are so proud of Lorelei Lingle for winning the Imagination Competition in Winston-Salem!

Improv Winners

Mini: Avalyn Lane (2nd runner up)

Junior: Raelyn LaCavera (1st), Peyton Pental (3rd runner up)

Teen: Maggie Bednarczyk (1st), Kassy Ladson (1st runner up)

Scholarship Winners

Mini: Taylor Simmons (Inspire Recognition)

Junior: Caitlyn Burn (Neovate), Peyton Pental (half convention), Blais Lingle (full convention), Brooklyn Cate Rea (full convention), Lawson Walasek (full convention), Hayden Quick (half nationals), Kensley LaCavera (full nationals)

Teen: Blakely Thrasher (Neovate), Olivia Whetzel (half convention), Lorelei Lingle (full convention), Maggie Bednarczyk (full convention)

Senior: Sierra Coleman (Inspire Recognition), Addison Adams (half convention)

Top Score Groups

Mini Duo/Trio: Memory (Wonderful Connection Award)

Mini Small Group: Mr. Lonely (1st overall, 1st contemporary)

Junior Small Group: My Love (3rd overall, Intriguing Award)

Junior Large Group: Egyptian (1st overall), Reimagined (2nd overall)

Teen Small Group: Living Room (1st overall, 1st contemporary)

Teen Large Group: Predictions on the Ave, aka Goats Milk (1st overall, 1st contemporary, Fabulous Quirky Award)

Teen Line: One (1st overall, Refreshingly Classic Award), Hotel Lobby (2nd overall)

Senior Small Group: I’m Broke (1st overall)

Top Score Solos

Mini: Avalyn Lane (3rd overall, Light Up the Room Award), Taylor Simmons (4th overall, Packed With Personality Award)

Junior: Blais Lingle (3rd overall), Peyton Pental (5th overall), Savannah White (6th overall)

Teen: Maggie Bednarczyk (2nd overall, 1st contemporary, Seamless Transitions Award), Kassy Ladson (5th overall, Unmatched Strength Award)

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