Just Dance! Company had an incredible weekend at NYCDA Greenville, N.C. regionals. We earned the competition’s highest scoring dances for teens (Living Room New York) and seniors (I’m Broke). Living Room is choreographed by Gracen Nelson and I’m Broke is choreographed by Julia Hartineaux.

Just Dance! also had a Critics Choice Winner in every age group: Beauty (mini), Egyptian (junior), Predictions on the Ave (teen), I’m Broke (senior).

Outstanding Dancer

Mini Finalists: Addison McIlwain, Evelyn Green, Taylor Simmons

Junior Finalists: Ashley Frame, Brooklyn Cate Rea, Savannah White, Lawson Walasek

Teen Runners-Up: Blakely Thrasher, Kassy Ladson, Maggie Bednarczyk

Teen Finalists: Blakely Thrasher, Kassy Ladson, Emma Amman, Berkley Segars, Maggie Bednarczyk, Annalise Franklin

Senior Runner-Up: Addie Adams

Senior Finalists: Addie Adams, Payton Luckie, Sierra Coleman

The following dancers were named Outstanding Dancer Runners-Up in other regionals: Blais Lingle, Kensley LaCavera, Jaimi Ingram, Caitlyn Burn, Hayden Quick, Peyton Pental, Raelyn LaCavera, Lorelei Lingle.

Scholarship Winners

Hip Hop Standout (free regional convention): Blais Lingle, Kensley LaCavera

NYCDA Intensives (automatic acceptance): Evelyn Green, Addison McIlwain, Savannah White

Intensive Standout Awards: Annalise Franklin, Sierra Coleman

Rising Star (Andy Pellick): Blais Lingle

Steps on Broadway Youth Intensive ($500 scholarship): Raelyn LaCavera, Hayden Quick, Kensley LaCavera

Top Score Groups

Mini Duo/Trio: Memory (4th in duos/trios)

Mini Groups: Beauty (6th overall, Critics Choice Winner), Mr. Lonely (8th overall, Critics Choice Nominee)

Junior Groups: My Love (4th overall, 1st in open, Critics Choice Nominee)

Junior Lines: Egyptian (3rd in jazz, Critics Choice Winner)

Teen Groups: Living Room (1st overall, 1st in contemporary, Critics Choice Nominee)

Teen Lines: Predictions on the Ave (1st overall, 2nd in contemporary, Critics Choice Winner)

Teen Small Production: One (5th in jazz)

Senior Groups: I’m Broke (1st overall, 1st in contemporary, Critics Choice Winner)

Top Score Solos

Mini: Blais Lingle (4th overall)

Junior: Hayden Quick (3rd overall)

Teen: Kassy Ladson (7th overall), Maggie Bednarczyk (12th overall)

Senior: Addie Adams (8th overall), Sierra Coleman (14th overall)

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