Just Dancers Are Close… And It Showed at Revive Dance Convention

SeniorsRevive Dance Convention Charleston is the first all-company competition of 2017 for Just Dance!

“I was so excited to see the kids on stage – they were pumped and it showed,” Ms. Buffi said. “They remembered the corrections that we’ve given them and we could see how they’ve come together as a dance family. “

Just Dance! earned the Entertainment Award for “Misdemeanor,” but it was “Spine” that captured the most awards. It was the highest scoring dance for our studio, a Revive faculty favorite, fan favorite finalist and contemporary award winner.

Other Revive faculty favorite runner-ups from Just Dance! were “Enter One,” “Passacaglia” and “Goodbye.”

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Nearly all Just Dance! routines earned a platinum score. The dances below were also recognized for being the best overall.

Duo/Trio Overall Placement

Spark: “Shake the Room” (1st)

Mini: “Smile” (1st) “Gimmick” (2nd)

Junior: “Reminisce” (1st), Wrecking Ball (2nd), “Hero” (3rd)

Teen: “Europe After the Rain” (4th)

Senior: “In Snow” (3rd)

Small Group Overall Placement

Mini: “Enter One” (5th)

Junior: “Spine” (3rd)

Senior: “Goodbye” (2nd), “Smoke” (3rd)

Pep TalkLarge Groups Overall Placement

Teen: “Passacaglia” (2nd), “For Lovers” (4th)

Lines Overall Placement

Mini: “Candyman” (1st), “I Hate Boys” (2nd)

Junior: “Back in Business” (1st)

Teen: “New Jerusalem” (1st), “Misdemeanor” (2nd)


Revive Dance Convention is more than just a competition. Dancers also took workshop classes from the Revive faculty (two of the Revive faculty members weren’t in Charleston because they were dancing in the Academy Awards!).

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Madelyn Hall and Alex Simpson were named to the Revive Performance Crew, which includes a scholarship for the 2017 National Dance Honors event and the ability to participate in the Honored Crew Experience.

The following Just Dancers earned Single Convention Scholarships based on their auditions.

Spark: Berkeley Segars

Mini: Savana Morant

Junior: Leilah Baird

Nevaeh Middleton (petite) earned a Jazz Crew Scholarship.

Grace Martin (junior) earned a Ballet Crew Scholarship.

Abby Haynes (senior) earned a Ballroom Crew Scholarship.

Sierra Coleman (petite/junior) earned a Hip Hop Crew Scholarship.