Just Dance! Improves Performance Quality to Earn Best Scores Ever

Just Dance! has been competing at Hall of Fame Dance Challenge for many years and these are the best scores the team has ever received. Just Dancers received six grand slams – a 293.5 or above, out of a possible 300. It is the highest score given and Just Dance! has never before received this award at Hall of Fame Dance Challenge.

“We have developed a stronger company than in years past,” Ms. Lindsey explains. “These scores are indicative of the growth of our students. Competition judges consistently tell us that our dancers are technical, but we’ve really been working on improving our performance quality – faces, energy and great choreography.”

Just Dance! Grand Slam Award Winners:

Junior American League Duo/Trio: “Reminisce”

Teen American League Solo: Lana Baird, Alex Simpson

Teen American League Large Group: “Passacaglia”

Senior American League Duo/Trio: “In Snow”

Senior American League Line: “Misdemeanor”

“To earn a Grand Slam score, a dance probably received perfect scores in several categories from multiple judges – that is incredible!”

Just Dance! Hall of Fame Inductees:



For LoversThe following Just Dance! routines were named MVPs:

Junior: “Winter Song,” (solo – Leilah Baird); “Reminisce,” (duo/trio)

Teen: “Europe After the Rain,” (duo/trio); “Landslide,” (solo – Lana Baird)

Senior: “In Snow,” (duo/trio); “For Lovers,” (large group)

The following Just Dancers were named All-Stars:

Junior: Leilah Baird, Madelyn Hall

Teen: Lana Baird, Alex Simpson

Senior: Gracen Nelson, Jade Boerman

Just Dance! took home the following specialty awards:

Technique Award: “Reminisce,” “Spine”

Costume Award: “Winter,” “Show Girl”

Photogenic: Lorelei Lingle

Choreography Award: “In Snow” (choreographed by Landon Monroe), “Landslide” (choreographed by Chad McCall), “Misdemeanor” (Choreographed by Landon Monroe)

Lovely Lines: “She Remembers”

Beauty and Grace: “Castle on a Cloud”

Precision Award: “Back in Business”

Intensity Award: “Smoke”

The following Just Dancers were Best in Subject:

Junior Large Group National League Jazz: “Candyman”

Junior Solo National League Contemporary: “For Now”

Junior Solo American League Contemporary: “Winter Song”

Teen Solo American League Contemporary: “Landslide”

The following Just Dance! routines earned platinum scores:

Junior Ameican League Solos: “Winter” (Addison Adams), “Wintersong” (Leilah Baird), “In Roses” (Madelyn Hall)

Junior National League Solos: “Show Girl” (Nevaeh Middleton), “This Place is a Shelter” (Emma Chastain), “For Now” (Maggie Bednarczyk), “The Light” (Sullivan Turner), “Things Lost” (Sierra Coleman), “Le Moulin” (Grace Martin)

Teen Solos: “Lift Me Up” (Payton Luckie), “Gone” (Caitlyn Hall)

Senior Solos: “She Remembers” (Jade Boerman), Clean (Gracen Nelson), “Twins” (Abby Haynes), “Thistled Spring” (Alden King), “Breakers” (Hollis Chillura), “I Know You Care” (Glynn King)

Future Hall of Famer Duo/Trio: “Shake the Room,” “Smile”

Junior Duo/Trio: “Hero,” “Wrecking Ball,” “Gotta Have a Gimmick”

Teen Duo/Trio: “Europe, After the Rain”

Junior Small Group: “Spine”

Senior Small Group: “Same Mistakes,” “Smoke”

Future Hall of Famers Small Group: “Enter One”

Future Hall of Famer Large Group: “I Hate Boys”

Junior Large Group National League: “Candyman”

Junior Large Group American League: “Back in Business”

Senior Large Group American League: “For Lovers,” “New Jerusalem”

Production: “Conga”

Top Score Solos:

SolosFuture Hall of Famer: “Castle on a Cloud,” Raelyn LaCavera (9th)

Junior National League: “For Now,” Maggie Bednarczyk (3rd); “Le Moulin,” Grace Martin (4th); “This Place is a Shelter,” Emma Chastain (7th); “The Light,” Sullivan Turner (10th)

Junior American League: “Winter Song,” Leilah Baird (1st); “In Roses,” Madelyn Hall (3rd); “Winter,” Addison Adams (7th)

Teen: “Landslide,” Lana Baird (1st); “My Restless Heart,” Alex Simpson (3rd); “Gone,” Caitlyn Hall (5th); “Lift Me Up,” Payton Luckie (7th);

Senior: “Clean,” Gracen Nelson (4th); “She Remembers,” Jade Boerman (6th); “I Know You Care,” Glynn King (8th)

Top Score Duo/Trios:

Future Hall of Famer: “Smile” (1st), “Shake the Room” (4th)

Junior National League: “Gotta Have a Gimmick” (2nd)

Junior American League: “Reminisce” (1st), “Wrecking Ball” (5th)

Teen: “Europe, After the Rain” (1st)

Senior: “In Snow” (1st)

Top Score Small Groups:

Future Hall of Famer: “Enter One” (2nd)

Junior American League: “Spine” (1st)

Senior American League: “Smoke” (7th)

Top Score Large Group:

Mini MiniFuture Hall of Famer Rookie League: “Saving the Day” (1st)

Future Hall of Famer: “I Hate Boys” (3rd)

Junior National League: “Candyman” (1st)

Junior American League: “Back in Business” (1st)

Teen American League: “Passacaglia” (1st)

Senior American League: “For Lovers” (2nd)

Top Score Line:

Teen American League: “Misdemeanor” (1st)