Merritt Segars: A Parent’s Perspective on Competition Dance Teams

Merritt Segars explains, in her words, why her daughter (Berkley) is part of Just Dance!, a competition dance team based at Charleston Dance Center.

BerkleyBeing a former dancer myself… it’s no secret that Just Dance! has a wonderful reputation in the “dance world.” When Berkley was 5 years old, she said she wanted to take more classes outside of just ballet and tap and expressed interest in being part of the competition team.

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Since she loved going to dance class and loved dancing on “the big stage,” I knew she would be ready for the competition company and a chance to perform more than just at the annual Year-End Performance.

She auditioned and made the mini mini team. That year she performed “Pound Puppies” at several competitions and started taking tumbling, jazz and hip hop. Now Berkley is 8 years old and a member of the mini company. This year she was selected for her first solo, trio and small group.

Growing as a Dancer… and as a Person

I have seen Berkley grow tremendously since she has been on team. Not just as a dancer, but as a person. She has learned what it’s like to be dedicated, driven, committed and how to be a team-player. Time management is huge also because she is expected to make good grades in school so most days she’s doing her homework in the car on the way to dance.

Pool PartyBut most importantly, she has gained the best of friends. When she thinks about her “friends” she thinks about the girls she dances with. There is a bond between the dancers and their parents that is wonderful and it’s so refreshing to be a part of such a strong dance family.

Overcoming the Obstacles

Of course there were obstacles to overcome in committing to Just Dance!, but when you know that it’s something your child loves… you make it work! My husband and I work together to get her back and forth to dance (since we both work full-time and we have a 22 month old son) and we also carpool with other families when we get the chance.

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Berkley would die if I ever said she couldn’t do team! Haha! And it’s so rewarding to Rob and I, as parents, to watch her grow as a dancer and work hard daily to be a better dancer. She gets sooo upset if she gets sick and has to miss class!

It’s worth every penny and minute spent when we see her on the stage dancing her heart out with the biggest smile on her face.

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