Sandy Luckie: A Parent’s Perspective on Competition Dance Teams

Sandy Luckie explains, in her words, why her daughter (Payton) is part of Just Dance!, a competition dance team.

image3As part of Just Dance!, Payton has learned teamwork, dedication, respect and discipline. She has gained confidence, learned to take risks and not to just wish for it but ALWAYS work hard for what she wants! She has also made many amazing friendships.

Getting Started on a Dance Team

Payton started dancing at Charleston Dance Center when she was 2 1/2 years old. At that time, CDC did not offer tumbling, so after two years at CDC, we tried a few other studios so that she could also do gymnastics.

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Payton2When Payton was 6 1/2 years old she wanted to come back to Charleston Dance Center and audition for the competition company with a friend who was also auditioning for the first time. When she made the Just Dance! petite company, neither she or I knew what the competition dance team entailed, but she was ready to take the next step and we felt this was it. The commitment seemed so scary at first but then soon, it just became part of our routine.

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Payton is now 12 and part of the junior company. She has learned to balance homework, projects, etc. while dancing 19+ hours a week (only six hours are required, Payton chooses to dance more!). We are high achievers and expect the best so good grades are a must!

What I’ve Learned

I learned very quickly to trust the faculty, they really do know what’s best!

I remember several years ago I was so disappointed that Payton didn’t ever get picked for small group dances or a solo. I am very honest and just need to be told “straight up.” I may not like the answer but can deal with it (such is life).

PaytonSoloSo Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Buffi were very honest with me – they told me that at the time Payton was not mature enough and also would tend to forget choreography, etc. and that there was nothing that I could do, and that it would just click one day! I remember being so upset, but I trusted them. They were so right!!!

The next year Payton made significant improvements and it all clicked just like they said it would! She earned her first solo last year and is consistently selected for several small groups and trios.

She works very hard and loves to be challenged! Her amazing instructors see that strong-willed determination and always push her and I appreciate that. I always give her much positive reinforcement at home as well – I think that’s very important in her overall success.

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