Charleston Dance Center has trained hundreds of dancers in the past 22 years! Watching a dance studio’s older dancers and alumni is a great way to learn more about the studio and develop expectations for your dancer. 

Charleston Dance Center and Just Dance! alumni have successful careers both inside and outside of the dance world. They have danced professionally at sporting events and at Disney World, they have trained in New York City, traveled with national dance conventions, and coached the Carolina Girls at the University of South Carolina.

They are also incredibly successful outside of dance, traveling abroad, becoming school psychologists, spa directors, and excelling in sales positions. Here is a look at what they say they miss the most from their time at Charleston Dance Center.

James Ryan Whitehead ’03 says, “I miss the teachers, especially you Buff. And of course Kim. Just Dance! sweats and the snack bar. But really the camaraderie was the absolute best part and what I truly miss.

Gracen Nelson ’19 says, “I miss competing group dances the most. I’m also going to miss recital A LOT!”

Paige Mixon ’11 says, “The tight knit group of the studio. We pushed each other, cheered each other on, laughed together, and cried together. We were family.”

Taylor Zandi ’12 (who just had twins!) says, “The hip hop routines and the team aspect! Plus end of year performances at the Gailliard!”

Taylor Birchfield ’11 says, “Being with my (dance) family everyday.”

Tori Williams ’11 says, “I honestly miss dancing with everyone! Those long weekend practices were tough but we were all in it together and had fun doing it. So glad we still keep in touch after 10 years.”

Things these alumni DON’T miss:

– Having to run laps after bringing in pizza before ballet class

– Cleaning rehearsals

– Putting pointe shoes on multiple times a week

– Saturday morning rehearsals

– Tap class!

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